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        Exporters of Chemicals in UAE | Wholesalers of 爱博登陆 s in 爱博体育网站 | Soap Manufacturers in Dubai | Chemical Dealers in GCC | Sanitization in UAE.

        • Hand Sanitizer Suppier in Dubai, Sharjah - UAE



        • Wholesalers of 爱博登陆
s in 爱博体育网站
 - GCC


          爱博登陆 s

        • 爱博体育网站
 - 爱博登陆
 Companies in UAE



        • Janitorial 爱博登陆
 Suppliers in UAE


          Janitorial 爱博登陆

        • Lab Chemicals - Hygiene 爱博登陆
 Manufacturers in UAE


          Lab Chemicals

        • Laundry Chemicals - Detergents Distributors in UAE


          Laundry Chemicals

        • Auto Care Chemical Supplier in Dubai UAE | GCC


          Auto Care Chemicals

        Trice Chemicals - Cleaning and 爱博体育网站 Chemical Suppliers in UAE

        Top Industiral and 爱博登陆 Stockist in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman - UAE / GCC / Middleeast.

        Trice Chemicals established in 2002, is involved in both Manufacturing and Trading activities. We give top most priority to our customers and thus endeavor to offer the highest level of satisfaction to them. We always go for the quality of the product rather than going for its quantity. Being environment friendly, our products meet both-environmental regulations as well as increasing ecologically aware customers. Highly qualified professionals and quality experts associated with us are the most integral part of the company who enables us to keep pace with the latest market requirements. Our company represents some well – known European, African and Asian Manufacturers with high quality and brands.

        Leading 爱博体育网站 and 爱博登陆 Company in UAE | GCC | MIDDLEAST


        Trice Chemicals IND.LLC is recognized as one of the leading Manufacturers of Detergents and 爱博登陆 s in the 爱博体育网站 . We are specialized in manufacturing Kitchen Care 爱博登陆 , Washroom Care Chemicals, Health Care 爱博登陆 , Laundry Chemicals, Floor Cleaners, and Auto Care 爱博登陆 and also we deals with Janitorial and Paper 爱博登陆 . We have experience in all aspects of the private- label process. Our products can be packed and labeled according to clients specification. Our products are biodegradable and eco friendly.


        Trice is one of the leading stockiest and suppliers for Acids, Alcohols, Thinners, Solvents, Surfactant,  Chemical raw materials for various industries. We are the largest traders and dealers in chemical compounds and we can supply to anywhere in UAE and GCC. We are catering to industries like Paint Industries, Detergent Industries , Food Industries, Plastic Industries, Perfume Industries, Water treatment companies, Pharmaceutical Company , Agriculture, Paper Industries  and many more.

        Our Mission

        Researching, Developing, and Producing environment friendly high quality cleaning products, to replace many hazardous and toxic chemicals, and there by keeping the users and environment safe. Also to provide customer satisfaction anywhere, anytime, and delivering on a promise, there by building a healthy relationship.


        Providing a clean, safe and healthy environment by producing effective, ethical and environmental cleaning products for our completely satisfied customers and employees. Consumer needs alone will be our guiding philosophy in manufacturing and marketing of products that fascinate people and satisfy their souls.

        Quick Contact

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        Good Manufacturing Practice
        ISO 9001-2008
        ISO 14001-2004
        Dubai Municipality Approval

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